Mila Kunis Diet and Workout Routine

Mila Kunis clearly has it all. An amazingly fit body, a great personality, beauty and a lot of talent. In the fitness industry what makes Mila Kunis even more special is her commitment to her work and meeting every demand that comes with it. Born on August 14th, 1983, the now 32 year old actress has come a long way since starting her career at the tender age of 7 in advertising. At 14 she became a proclaimed television actress and voiced the iconic Meg Griffin on Family Guy. She taught herself English after immigrating from the Ukraine watching television. And if that doesn’t speak volumes about her commitment to her work, she dropped 20lbs. in 5 months for her role in Black Swan. The role required her to train for 7 days a week for 7 months and by the end of  it, she could hold herself and perform as a ballerina as the World witnessed.

“…Your body can do everything and anything…”:

Im a huge foodie, I love food. But when people say, I cant lose weight, no no no, you can. Your body can do everything and anything, you just have to want to do it.” – Mila Kunis

A lot of times we feel overwhelmed. We want a certain type of body. We want to be fit. But, our schedules, our life styles and our stressors inhibit us from fully exploring our potential in this regard.

Going through Mila Kunis’fitness experience is a sheer inspiration. Here we look at Mila Kunis’s Diet and Exercise for her role in Friends with Benefits – another movie in which she looked gorgeous, fit and fabulous.

Mila Kunis Statistics-

  • Height: 5 ft 4 in / 163 cm
  • Weight: 52 kg/ 115 pounds
  • Measurements: 34-25-32 in
  • Dress size: 4 (US) / 34 (EU)
  • Age: 32

Celebrity fitness trainer Brian Abercrombie put together her training regime and the results were stunning.

The Mila Kunis Diet & Exercise regime

 The training system of P.A.S.E (Power, Agility, Strength and Endurance) is at the core of this exercise regime. Mila Kunis trains for 3 days per week normally. For her role in Friends with Benefits, she upped this training to 5 days per week.  During her pregnancy, she opted for light workouts such as yoga and pilates.

The Diet

Her diet consists of well balanced meals which combined low glycemic carbs, proteins and essential fats. Brown rice and quinoa are important components in the diet. Lean proteins such as lentils, beans and chicken also feature in it. Healthy fats in the form of cocoa butter, olive oil and avocado is included. Her favourite indulgences are chocolate and a glass of wine which she features in once weekly. This keeps her motivated.

Here is what we know of her breakfast, lunch and dinner routine.

  • Breakfast: Mila Kunis enjoys the most blandest rice cereal possible for breakfast. And she has it with almond milk and berries.
  • Lunch: Her lunch has assorted vegetables.
  • Dinner: Mila has famously declared her love for Burgers and Chinese take out as her go to dinner options. Pairing this with her exercise regime and her love for outdoor activities such as snowboarding, jet skiing and backpacking, one cannot find fault with this bit.

The Exercise

While training for Black Swan, Mila Kunis had swimming and ballet lessons in her exercise regime.

Otherwise, she does 6 exercises of circuit training. These are for 40 minutes and has no breaks and combines strength and endurance. Besides this, Mila Kunis is well known for her love for the outdoors and has often been spotted swimming, snow boarding and more. She slots these down as exercises she really enjoys and often credits her fitness to it too.

The training set with Brian Abercrombie covers Walkover Pushups, Mountain Climbers, TRX Row, Bootstrapped Squats, Stir the Kettle, Medicine Ball Slam. So, essentially, her exercise set up would have a step, a TRX Suspension Trainer, a dumbbell, an olympic bar and a medicine ball.

Things we learn from Mila Kunis’celebrity diet and exercise regime

Not only is Mila Kunis, smart, attractive and funny, she is superbly motivational when it comes to getting fit. Be it quotes from her end which talk about how you really can do whatever you want to get to that fit, healthy body or her real life example and commitment to actually getting there.

Combining exercises that she really enjoys inside and outside of the gym along with giving into her indulgences with good semblance of self control from time to time clearly keeps her going.

A balanced and clean diet seems to be the core descriptors for her practice.

So blend complex carbs, proteins and essential fatty acids and you should be able to get the Mila Kunis body too. Swapping high carb foods with low carb ones is one thing that we also learn from her regime. You could swap those unhealthy sugary cereals with oatmeal porridge, swap corn flakes with muesli, biscuits with whole nuts, chocolate with dark chocolate and more!

Hit your neighbourhood gym and like Mila Kunis, work towards strengthening your whole body instead of working on parts. Like her fitness trainer, Abercrombie puts it “The focus is rarely on a specific body part but on the body as a whole…The rest usually takes care of itself.”

This kind of diet and focussed fitness with a good amount of walking, jogging, swimming and outdoor games will soon have you exploring life with new enthusiasm.

Go the Mila Kunis way!

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